At Westminster, a wedding is an act of worship. The institution of marriage is a covenant between God and a man and a woman. We are delighted to guide you through the process as you prepare to enter this covenant.

Below is a brief summary of our Wedding Policy. After reading the complete Westminster Wedding Policy, please contact the Church Office to check date availability.

  • Persons who have been active members of Westminster Presbyterian Church for at least one year may reserve our facilities for their wedding up to one year in advance.
  • Non-members may reserve our facilities up to six months in advance.
  • Please note, we cannot schedule any weddings during the week of Christmas, the week of New Year’s, Holy Week, or the week after Easter.
  • All weddings at Westminster must be approved by the Session.
The Service
  • Only the pastor(s) of Westminster shall officiate at weddings. Requests for a co-officiate require permission of the Session and Westminster’s pastor.
  • The order of service will follow the wedding services outlined in the Book of Common Worship of the Presbyterian Church (USA).
  • All music for the service must be appropriate for a service of worship. The bride and groom will need to schedule an appointment with Westminster’s organist early in the planning process to discuss the selection of music.
Decorations and Photography
  • Westminster has a beautiful sanctuary that assures us of the presence of God. The cross, communion table, and font are symbolic of our faith and no decorations may be placed upon them.
  • Items and furniture in the narthex and sanctuary cannot be moved.
  • Absolutely no flash photography may be used by the photographer or by guests.
  • Wedding planners, florists, and photographers should consult the official Wedding Policy for guidelines.
  • The Westminster Wedding Coordinator is the representative of Westminster Presbyterian Church and will have authority for the time the wedding party is on church grounds.