Sunday School

You are invited to join us for Sunday School at Westminster in-person or via ZOOM. Opportunities vary and are COVID friendly.
  • Children
  • Youth
  • Adults
  • Other Opportunities
Prayer on the Playground
Little ones play and have a Bible story with prayer around 10:30.
Older children are invited to bring their Bibles for Bible Study at the Picnic Table.
Adult ZOOM Class: Meeting the Holy Spirit
“So I say, walk by the Spirit…” In Galatians 5, we hear the Apostle Paul’s admonition, but do we know what it means? How well do you know what (or rather who) the Holy Spirit is and what the Holy Spirit does today? Join us for this great study of the one some have called the most neglected member of the Trinity. Facilitated by Pastor Daniel, Pastor Lissa, and Lindy Coleman. ZOOM info found in the Sunday Worship E-News.
Cary Grayson Class – Covenant Hall Room 4
Taught by a rotation of excellent leaders, the Cary Grayson Class moves through the books of the Bible and topical studies to enhance Biblical knowledge. Discussion welcomed!
Teachers: Rotation of Team Teachers
Covenant Class – Parlor
Using the Bible, we study to find the ways we may apply the scriptures to current daily living. An outline for each lesson is provided for the class and discussion is open and greatly encouraged. Presentation and discussion is informal and candid.
Teacher: Tom Higgins

Short term classes called “Pause and Refresh” with special speakers and/or presentations are added to the schedule as they become available. These are great opportunities for all the adult classes, and sometimes youth, to join together and to continue our enrichment in the Word.

Westminster is pleased to offer loving childcare for our youngest members and guests. Our infant and toddler nursery is staffed by trained nursery workers who will have you check in our Realm system so that they can contact you if necessary. Our nursery workers, along with anyone else at Westminster who works with children have completed Child Protection Training and have passed a background check.

Other Opportunities

  • Worship Preparation Class for first graders each fall
  • Vacation Bible School each summer