I’m glad for the connection Westminster has with Thornwell, and I’m glad our friend Lauren Thompson was with us Sunday to share ways Thornwell is fulfilling their mission: Thornwell serves to prevent child abuse and neglect, to build up and reunite families, and to support healthy communities in the name of Jesus Christ. You can see more details HERE.

In the last year, Westminster has contributed more than $15,000 in benevolence funds to Thornwell, and those dollars provide for real life change, hope and healing for children and youth, especially those who are part of the SC foster care system.

We will continue to offer our prayers and support, and the need is great. Did you know on any given day in SC, more than 4,000 children are looking for a place to call home? Maybe God is calling you to be part of the solution. Will you commit it to prayer?

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Daniel