“Like clay in the potter’s hand, so are you in my hand…” – Jeremiah 18:6

Years ago Amy and I went on a pottery date, and I completely embarrassed myself.  It was one of those things where you pay for an hour of instruction, and you get to keep whatever you create at the pottery wheel.  I discovered rather quickly my dreams of making a coffee mug were not going to be realized, and the embarrassing part is when I said out loud, “Gosh, this sure is harder than I thought it would be!”  Thankfully the artist who was instructing us was not offended by my unintentional insult to his trade, and I have been more complimentary and appreciative of good pottery since then.  I have learned creating something beautiful is a gift.

Friends, I want you to know the one who is shaping and molding you is an expert artist.  He has a vision for what you are and what you can become.  As you remain in his hands, he has a plan for where it is all going, and that plan is tailor-made for you.  You won’t be like everyone else for there is tremendous variety in what the potter creates. You won’t always know what the finished product is because shaping clay is a process.  It won’t always be easy, because even the most beautiful pieces have to be cured by fire.  But make no mistake, the potter is at work, and his work is good.  Remain in his hands.

Pastor Daniel