Sabbatical Reflections II

I’m continuing to share with you some reflections from our sabbatical time. I appreciate the chance to be away, and I want to tell you some ways we used the time and the things I learned. Disclaimer: some thoughts may be more serious than others.

We visited Princeton Theological Seminary in July, and it brought great joy for me and Amy to return to the places we spent the first three years of our marriage and to show the kids the places we’ve been telling them about for so many years. Some things are different, and some things remain the same. Our apartment complex has been torn down to make way for new construction, but outside the seminary dining hall, for instance, there are still several plaques on the wall, testimonies to the faithfulness of some former students. One plaque commemorates James Reed, Class of 1953, who was fatally beaten in Selma Alabama in 1965. Another plaque spoke of 6 men, who from 1847 – 1905 in various ways and various places, were killed in the course of their ministry. One of them, John Peale, graduated in 1905 and was killed with his wife the same year in China.

I walked by the memorials (pictured above) every day for three years, but somehow on this visit, they spoke to me in ways I’d not heard before. They spoke to the ones who were passionate – passionate unto death, even- for the Gospel.

Is it possible I’ve become too comfortable in ministry? Is it possible the passion for the Gospel has faded over time? Am I more concerned about my own comforts than anything else?

Those are hard questions to ponder, but they are good questions, especially when we consider the One who calls us to follow Him all the way.

Resting in Him,

Pastor Daniel