Sabbatical Reflections I

Over the next few weeks, I want to share with you some reflections from our sabbatical time. I appreciate the chance to be away, and I want to tell you some ways we used the time and the things I learned. Disclaimer: some thoughts may be less serious than others.

While we were in Princeton, we visited several places of worship that are spiritual landmarks for me and Amy. There is the University Chapel, where we first felt God’s call to Princeton and ministry and where I graduated. We saw the Presbyterian Church in Plainsboro where we worshiped together for our first year of marriage (we miss the days of sitting on a pew together!) We took the kids to Thompson Memorial Presbyterian in New Hope, PA, where I worked as an intern for two years during seminary. And, we looked in the Seminary Chapel, where I attended services every day during the week.

It’s fun to revisit those spots with a bit of spiritual discernment, thinking about the ways God used those places and communities of faith to shape us. In showing the kids, it was more than a “look at this” moment, it became a “let me tell you what God did here” moment.

As you reflect on your own spiritual journey, what communities of faith have been important to you, and how can you give God thanks today for the people and places he’s used in your life to encourage you in the faith?

Resting in Him,

Pastor Daniel