Dear WPC Friends and Family,
As I type this note for the ENews I continue to have the image of children playing ‘hide and seek’ running through my head. A group of friends gathered together who then dash away and hide until they are found by the faithful “it”. One by one, each are found with a giggle or a shriek until all are back together again to play another round.
The last few months have felt like a giant game of ‘hide and seek’ a little bit haven’t they? We gather, disperse, and then rejoice when we get to see each other again. We share prayers of praise for God who is making a way for us to do so more and more. Slowly, but steadily our community gathers together to worship, to break bread, to have fellowship and to grow in our discipleship of Jesus.
As you go about your week, allow the image of a good game of ‘hide and seek’ to fill your heart. Allow space for God’s precious Spirit to call you into times of fellowship and teaching. Celebrate when you are in community with each other (remember 2 or more count!). Make plans to join together in worship this Sunday to break bread in celebration of the Lord’s Supper, in person or at home with live stream.
To God be the glory,
Pastor Lissa