At the outset, we put Covid protocols in place to care for the most vulnerable. As the vaccination numbers increase and the number of Covid cases in our area decreases, we will make appropriate adjustments to our protocols. We’re calling it “Opening the Spigot.”  
Here are the latest changes made by the Session, effective immediately:
  • We’ll start using hymnals and Bibles in the sanctuary again. Studies show it is safe to do so- even library books are no longer quarantined.
  • Worship leaders will remove their masks for the part they are leading. They will remain on the chancel, at least 15 ft. away from the closest person.
  • Congregational singing is now encouraged. We will all still be masked and social distanced; Risk of transmission, especially among the vaccinated, is minimal. 
  • Returning to pre-Covid Youth Group meeting times.  Every Sunday, Middle School 5-6 and High School 6-7.
  • Groups 10 and fewer permitted to meet in classrooms. Scheduled through the church office; Facemasks required.
For some, these changes are a welcomed relief, and I have no doubt you’ll sing for all you’re worth on Sunday. For others, the changes may exacerbate the anxiety you already have. Please know we will be sensitive to the needs of all while at the same time opening the spigot at a measured pace, taking into consideration what is safe and prudent in this environment. It is still up to you to make decisions about what works best for you and/or your family, and we will not intentionally put someone in a compromising position.  
I look forward to seeing more of you around as we open the spigot, and I also look forward to planning with Session and Staff next steps in our recovery.
With you,
Pastor Daniel