In our study of Psalm 136, I made the point that in all the ups and downs of life, especially in the last year, one thing we can count on is God’s steadfast love.  In fact, the refrain of the psalm, mentioned 26x, is there to keep us grounded.  “His steadfast love endures forever.” 

Yes, in all the uncertainties, there are some things that are certain.  A year ago, with the Covid crisis just beginning, I preached a sermon titled “What is God Telling us in the COVID-19 Crisis?”  There were a lot of unknowns back then, but I think the promises of God have held firm.  Here are some notes from that sermon:

It may be hard to know what GOD says in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, but there are some things we are certain God says all the time, even in a pandemic.

  • “Let there be light.”  In the beginning, God spoke into the chaos and brought forth goodness and order.  God is a God or order and not confusion.  His word, spoken into the chaos of today, brings goodness.
  • “Fear not, for I have redeemed you.”  It’s from Isaiah 43- we have nothing to fear because God has called us to himself, and we belong to him.  Our security rests in his divine grace.
  • “Peace I give to you.” It is Jesus’ word to the disciples on the day he is resurrected.  The peace he gives is rooted in the victory he has over the enemies of sin and death.  Our peace today is specific to the resurrection.
  • “Love one another, for love is from God.” It’s from 1 John 4- a mandate for us to show love because we are connected to the God of love.  Love in preference for our neighbor.  Love in changing our schedules.

What is God telling us in the COVID-19 crisis?  Maybe nothing new- maybe he is just saying the same things we’ve always heard.

With you,