Several months ago I picked up an old Scottish Psalter (1929) at a used bookstore.  The pages are divided into a top section with close to 200 different tunes and a bottom section with the words to all 150 Psalms.  When used in worship, as the leader announced the Psalm for the day and the tune being used, the people in the congregation would turn the bottom part of the book to the Psalm and the top part of the book to the announced tune.  Then they would sing.  Each Psalm could be sung to several different tunes- just to give some variety.  Over time, reinforced by singing at home, the words and the tunes sank into the heart.  Life was lived with the Psalms on the heart and on the lips.

I’m not suggesting we round up enough copies of the psalter so we can return to the practice of regular Psalm singing in worship (we can’t even sing in worship yet L), but I am suggesting praying the Psalms as a spiritual discipline that will strengthen your relationship with God and contribute to an abiding peace- in good times and bad.

Where to start?  Try Psalm 1, and keep reading until you find the Psalm that resonates with your life.  Make that “your psalm,” and read it, meditate on it, pray it regularly and see what happens.  You will find strength for the journey in picking up the Psalms.


Pastor Daniel