On Sunday afternoon Grahame and I were talking about worship. He was checking in because he could tell my speaking had gotten faster at times and wanted to make sure I was okay. At first he asked if I was nervous, but then commented he thought it was my enthusiasm for seeing everyone. It took me a little while to digest, but I believe he was correct with the latter observation. I was excited to see everyone! I was excited to also imagine worshipping with those who were at home as well. Preaching on texts talking about God gathering the scattered people (Jeremiah) and being chosen by God to be God’s family (Ephesians) just fueled my enthusiasm. We have been scattered. We have been chosen. We are family. Worship felt like a reunion.
So, what does it mean to be scattered, chosen and family? It means we get to be gathered back by the Lord’s guidance. God was intentional about how the people reconnected after being separated. We can be intentional as well. I invite you to think of 5 or more people who are part of our WPC family you haven’t spoken to in a while. Pray for them. Reach out to them via a call, note or text. We’ve been adopted into God’s family in Christ Jesus, so reunions (even those via phone or card) are something to celebrate!
Peace be with each of you this day,
Pastor Lissa