When we get together at the dinner table during Advent we have found great joy in lighting the Advent wreath and testing each other on our Advent knowledge using the WONDER trivia book provided by the church.  It’s been fun to sing the carols and look up scriptures to find our answers.  Mostly though, we’ve enjoyed being at the table and recalling the Christmas story.  Remembering who was visited by an angel and what the angel said.  Remembering Mary’s song and Joseph’s response.  Thinking about what it must have been like to have been away from home with a newborn.  Celebrating how their new community of shepherds and wise men became family.

I’ll leave you with today’s questions and invite you to WONDER as well.  Feel free to WONDER by calling a friend or sharing the Good News with a neighbor.  As you wonder, also remember the story of our Savior’s birth and the promise of his return.

  • Where did Mary, Joseph and Jesus go to escape from King Herod?
  • What did the wise men follow to find Jesus?
  • Who was “filled with great fear” on the first Christmas?
  • According to a song, how many ships “come sailing in” on Christmas Day?
  • True or False? The wise men asked, “Where is the Prince of Peace?”

*All your answers can be found in your Bible or hymnal

With Hope, Peace, Joy and Love,

Pastor Lissa