A few years ago, a friend made me this cornhole bag. She said I could throw it in church if I ever caught someone sleeping in during my sermon! I have never thrown it at anyone, but I do keep it on my desk to remind me to do my best to preach in a way that doesn’t put people to sleep.

In my experience, part of sleeping during the sermon is the result of a tedious sermon (and I have preached a few of those through the years), and part of it is the willful disengagement of the person in the pew. Here’s the question to ask yourself: am I an active or a passive listener? Active listeners are paying attention, following along, taking notes, and thinking about ways to apply the Word to their lives. It’s difficult to tune out or even fall asleep when you’re an active listener.

I encourage you to be active listeners- not just on Sunday mornings, but all through the week.

God is speaking. Are you listening, or do you need to WAKE UP!

Pastor Daniel