Dear Church Friends and Family,
Some days I’ll look at my “memories” section of Facebook to see what will pop up. Sometimes there are pictures, greetings from a friend from high school or camp, or a shared event I was excited about. There are also harder memories where I share a prayer request or simply type HOME. The latter is the most often found in my memories. I’m not sure who I thought needed to know I had made it HOME, but it was important for me to type it each and every time I returned from a class at Erskine. I had gone away, to grow and learn and follow God’s call for me to become a Minister of Word and Sacrament. I had left my family for a short period of time, used my leave time and driven four hours to class and then four hours back. Same day. HOME meant I was where my people were.
Being in worship together in the sanctuary and through our virtual platforms reminded me of the weeks and months we had been apart.  This past Sunday was HOME. I was once again where my people were.  
Our reading today includes Psalm 13 and the last two verses articulate it best, 
    But I have trusted in your steadfast love; 
      my heart shall rejoice in your salvation.
    I will sing to the Lord,
      because he has dealt bountifully with me.
God’s love has been steadfast. My heart sings for the gift of God’s love and the salvation we have through Jesus Christ. Home.
With Joy and Hope,
Pastor Lissa