In this week’s readings from Genesis (see below), we’re encountering the story of Joseph.  He’s the one with the famous coat of many colors, sold into slavery by his cruel brothers.  He lands in Egypt where he’s thrown in jail because of false charges of sexual misconduct.
Joseph is lifted up to us as a guy who does his best to maintain his integrity when life keeps pushing him down.  Much of what happens to him is beyond his control, yet he seems to understand beneath the things happening to him, the deeper plan of God is unfolding in ways that may not be perfectly clear.  It all culminates in Chapter 50 when he is reunited with those cruel brothers.  They are afraid because Joseph is in a position to repay them for what they have done, but instead of revenge, Joseph chooses a different path.  Here’s what he tells them:
As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good… (50:20)
It is a remarkable statement, one that comes from the mouth of a man who has learned to see the deeper purposes of God, even when those purposes were hidden for a long time.
Perhaps there’s a good word for you in the story of Joseph.  Read along with us and plan to join us for Sunday’s livestream at 11:00.
Yours in God’s plan,
Pastor Daniel