On Sunday in worship we had the great joy and privilege of ordaining and installing 17 disciples into leadership at Westminster.  I’d like to share three thoughts with you from the morning.

  1. Of the 6 new elders and 11 new deacons, 12 were ordained for the first time. In the last two years, we’ve had 26 ordinations at Westminster, half of them people who have become members in the last five years. I point out the trend because I think it means we are developing leaders and we are not afraid of listening for and to new voices.  The alternative would be recycling the same leadership year after year: a recipe for stagnation.
  1. I’m always moved by the laying on of hands and prayer, and this year, even with social distancing, it was no different. The ones being ordained kneeled- a sign of humility and willingness, and the rest of us raised our hands to pray over them. That prayer is a visual reminder that the strength needed to fulfill their calling is not from within.  It is a gift from the Holy Spirit.  Consider the contrast between the obnoxious voices “out there” in the world and the image of a humble leader kneeling to receive prayer.  The latter seems to me a more likely vessel for the advancing Kingdom.
  1. Your leaders need continual prayer! Please continue to pray for them.  Both deacons and elders meet this Sunday for the first time as new groups, and the coming year is ripe with opportunities for ministry.  There is care to be offered and wise choices to make.  Your leaders need your prayers!

Friends, it is a joy to serve in ministry with you.  Let’s keep growing and praying and see what God does.

Yours with Love,

Pastor Daniel