Something New this Sunday!
I’m looking forward to worship this week for several reasons.
1. I mean, come on, it’s worship!
2. During the livestream, we’re going to recognize and celebrate 11 young disciples who have completed their confirmation experience, made professions of faith, and officially joined the church.  They (and their immediate families and Elder partners) will be present in the sanctuary with us for worship, and you’ll be able to see it all on the livestream.  I can’t think of a better way for us to break our 20-week streak of only 5 people in the sanctuary for Sunday worship!
3. I get to preach on a wonderful text- Jesus walking on the water and calling Peter to step out of the boat in faith.  It’s a great story to go along with what these young people are doing in declaring their own faith!
4. It is just one week away from Elder and Deacon installations and ordinations.  That’s right- look forward to that special service on the 16th!
Have a great week, and “see” you Sunday!
Pastor Daniel