One More Thought from the Challenge of Weeds
On 7/19, I preached a sermon on the parable of the Wheat and the Weeds. (You can view the whole service HERE).  Here’s one more thought from the text.
In the Parable of the Wheat and the Weeds, everyone listening to Jesus would have known he was talking about Bearded Darnel.  Well, they might not have known the name of it, but they knew there was a specific kind of weed that looks just like wheat in the early stages, and by the time it is mature enough to tell the difference, the roots are so intertwined with the wheat that to pull it up does more harm than good.  So the landowner issues the directive, “Let it all grow together, and I’ll handle it at harvest time.”  Such is the Kingdom, Jesus says.
Through sinful eyes, we can’t always tell, so to rush in with harsh words, alienating opinions, and self-righteous judgments can do more harm than good. Did you know that every time you argue with someone, you give them the opportunity to state their case another time, further solidifying their own opinion?  Even if you are right and they are wrong, you might be uprooting the wheat.
In these days of turmoil and uncertainty, maybe a little humility is called for.  In politics, race relations, social issues, and even raising kids, God does not need you to correct every errant opinion out there.  If that is the strategy you’ve employed lately, please consider that a.) you might be wrong, and b.) you might be doing more harm than good.
Wheat and weeds can grow together if you trust God to sort it out in his time.
To God Alone Be Glory,

Pastor Daniel