I’m looking over my calendar today realizing I’m supposed to be in Guatemala right now. That was the way things looked at the beginning of the year- the Westminster mission team, including all 5 members of my family, were to be with our friends in Coban.  Instead, we’ll probably go to the neighborhood pool, where even the water is too warm to be refreshing.  Oh well.

I’m blessed to not been terribly affected so far, but there have been many of those moments.  In fact, you may have said a few “Oh wells” in the past few months, too.  Your plans have changed, life is filled with uncertainty, or retirement is a whole lot more boring than you planned for it to be.  Such is life with the Covid reality.

In the midst of it all, I believe there is opportunity.  Aren’t we more likely to pay attention to God’s presence when we’re scared or nervous?  Aren’t we more likely to rely on God when we’re at the end of our rope?  Don’t we tend to pray more when there is a need?

One pastor observes growth in discipleship happens through discipline or adversity.  As we experience this new surge of Covid growth, I encourage you to see past the pandemic to how God may be at work in the nurture and development of our souls.

To God Alone Be Glory,

Pastor Daniel