Dear Westminster Family and Friends:

Do you know Jesus? 

Notice I did not ask if you know about Jesus.  There is a big difference.

In our study of Philippians, we come to a section where Paul speaks of the “surpassing worth of knowing Jesus Christ my Lord.”  He goes on to tell us his main goal in life is to “know him and the power of his resurrection.”

Knowing someone and knowing about someone are two different things.  I watched all 10 episodes of “The Last Dance” on ESPN, and I learned a great deal more than I already knew about Michael Jordan, but I still don’t know Michael Jordan. 

All through the Gospels, Jesus invites people into a relationship with him, and he is never content for them to just know him from a distance. 

I believe he is still calling people into that some kind of relationship.  So the question remains: Do you know Jesus?

At Westminster, we’re on that journey together, seeking to know the One who has called us to himself.

Join us!

Pastor Daniel