Then the Lord God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone…Genesis 2:18

 I’m starting to feel like my fish.  Granted, he’s a betta fish, so solitary confinement is preferable to him, but in these days of physical distancing, it has been hard to be removed from the fellowship of believers. I know you are feeling the same way. It is a reminder that we are not made to navigate the world on our own.  God designed us and uniquely gifted us so we would depend on each other- so we would need each other. I know this time of separation is difficult, but I am convinced God is in it and will redeem it for his glory. In the meantime, we pray for those most affected, continue look for ways to share love and not germs, and keep our eyes open for signs of God’s light breaking through the darkness. 

Grace Mercy and Peace, 

Pastor Daniel