Dear Friends,

Last night staff and session members met to share comforting scriptures, pray and practice Zoom meetings.  This past week has been filled with a lot of “new”!  Some of it has been overwhelming, like missing our preschoolers and regular group gatherings during the week.  Many began homeschooling and remote working at the same time.  In the midst of the overwhelming has been some creativity as well.  WPC now has a YouTube channel.  Who knew?!  We have been posting a Minute for Ministry each day on our Westminster FaceBook page highlighting God’s continued invitation into ministry.  We held our first online worship Sunday.  I’m thankful to say we’ve had a high learning curve and a great team to problem solve our opportunities.
Last year during Lent we prayed and studied the Lord’s Prayer.  It was a study I continue to find meaningful and a guide, especially these days.  Yes, the world is a big unknown right now, but do I trust God to provide daily bread?  I do.  Do I need to pray for forgiveness?  I do finding I pray multiple times a day. To whom do I serve?  Sometimes my children would say I serve them (big case of ‘Mom guilt’ happening at our house), but I serve the Lord and it is to God’s glory I wake in the morning ready for the day, unknown as it may be.
Friends I invite you to dig into your Bibles, pray the Lord’s Prayer, and take three steps forward.  The Holy Spirit is busy doing some very cool things in our lives.  Where is God guiding you? What do you have time for you didn’t have time for before?  Who can you call and offer a bright message?  We may be “apart” in geography, but we are still very much the Body of Christ together.
With joy and hope,

Pastor Lissa