Dear Westminster friends and family,

Not too long ago, the Session was studying about being more missional, and one of the exercises led us to imagine ways we are the church and would fulfill our calling if we did not have access to the church building.  “No problem!” we said, “The church is the people, and even without the building, we would carry on the work of the kingdom in our home, communities, and beyond.”

That hypothetical exercise is not so hypothetical anymore.  Postponing all gatherings and meetings through the end of the month certainly changes the way the calendar looks, but has anything changed?  The church is still the church, and the church cannot be canceled.  We continue to look for ways to worship, serve, grow, and love.  In that regard, Covid-19 has zero effect on us.

In the next few weeks, you’ll be receiving ideas via email and social media about remaining close to Jesus and each other in love- suggestions for worship, prayer, and service.

May God grant us renewal in faith as we journey through this moment together.

With much love,

Pastor Daniel