I’m so excited to share this picture with you. Pastor Philip Beisswenger sent it on Monday; it shows the construction of new classrooms at the LaPatria School in Coban. It is exciting to me because:It is needed. Enrollment at the school continues to increase, and the school, while making the most of the current facilities, desperately needs more space.It is because of a timely gift from Westminster that construction is happening now. At the end of 2019, Westminster sent the funds to Guatemala for the purpose of building the classrooms and purchasing equipment.It is because of the LORD that the ministry at LaPatria is thriving. Students are growing, learning, and being prepared for life and discipleship. God’s blessing is on the work, and it brings those involved great joy to be part of it.So, please join me in the excitement and in giving thanks to the ONE from who all blessings flow.
Pastor Daniel