I caught a glimpse of this sign the other day and had to spin around to see it again.  I immediately felt a connection with it because our jobs are so similar- to point people to someone named Christ who can remove junk from their lives.  Yes, that sign and I have a lot in common.

The beginning of the New Year is when we’re thinking about the junk in our lives- the things we’re going to make different this year and the ways we’re not going to let life be as complicated as it was in 2019.  For some of us, there is a lot of junk to be moved.

May I suggest in the searching that you include a spiritual inventory?  Are you as close to God as you would like to be?  Are there areas in your life you feel constantly defeated?  In what ways are you understanding your place with God and the type of life he’s called you to lead?  Is their “junk” that needs to be cleared away?

We all have the opportunity to get started on the right foot- in the New Year, won’t you make it your resolution to draw closer to Him?  Christ the junk mover can help!

Happy New Year, and see you Sunday,

Pastor Daniel