A Worship Service of Healing, Wholeness, & Reconciliation
November 17, 5:00 pm in the Sanctuary
I invite you to come join in a special worship service on the afternoon of November 17th. We’re calling it a Service of Healing, Wholeness, and Reconciliation, and I want to explain what the service is, why we are having it, and why I think you should come.                       

What is a Worship Service of Healing, Wholeness, and Reconciliation? We live in a broken world where the effects of sin and death are clear: Our bodies are broken, our relationships are strained, and we do not have peace with God, ourselves, or our neighbor. This service is an opportunity to come before the Lord and each other, acknowledging our brokenness, our sin, our anger, our resentment, and our need for healing.

Why are we having the service? Pastor Lissa and I hear your requests for prayer and try to acknowledge the needs of people in our community. We are aware of a number of people in the community who are struggling with serious health issues, feelings of inadequacy, family problems, and despair. There is a lot of pain and brokenness, and we think it’s appropriate to confess our need and hear God’s Word of hope. Especially as the holidays approach, a word of hope in a time many find difficult is a good idea.

Why should you come? When we face difficulty, we need to hear and remember that God’s answer for our pain, our brokenness, and our sin is Jesus Christ. In his life, death, and resurrection, the power of sin and death is broken, and we have the promise of healing, wholeness, and reconciliation.   So I encourage you to attend. Whether you feel the need or want to come and pray with others, it is for you. And of course, you are welcome to bring a friend.

Yours in his love,
Pastor Daniel