The 24:15 Challenge

On Sunday, many of you took on the 24:15 Challenge. Each household taking on the challenge received an envelope with $24.15 and the instructions to use that money to serve the Lord. (Just like Joshua 24:15 says!)

Conversations are already happening about how to serve the Lord; creative ideas are bubbling up! I look forward to the stories we’ll be sharing in the next few weeks.

If you missed worship but want to participate, here’s how: You can stop by the church office and pick up an envelope or just use $24.15 of your own money. The instructions included in the envelope can be downloaded HERE.

And don’t forget this important part: In the next two weeks, tell us what you did by emailing your story to  We’ll share the stories (without names attached) of how your households are serving the Lord in our neighborhoods and around the world.

In love, with you!

Pastor Daniel