Greetings from Bethelwoods!

Bethelwoods Camp and Conference Center is located in between Rock Hill and York and this week it is home to a crew of campers from Westminster . We are having a great time here at camp making new friends, singing all the songs, and playing Gaga ball.

Monday morning, the campers had Bible Study from 1 Corinthians 12. What does it mean to be the Body of Christ? How do we celebrate and use the awesome gifts God gives to us? The cool parts about camp are the experiences affirming God’s word! Campers will enjoy creative activities where they work together as a cabin to solve a problem and see how their gifts work together.

Jesus is present in this place and the Spirit is busy moving about camp. Thank you for your prayers and support. Being Camp Pastor this week and sharing with the children and youth of Westminster is a joy and honor.

In Christ’s Service,
Pastor Lissa