This week I have been thinking about the passing of time:

  • June 24.  As of Monday, I have been married for more than half of my life.  I was 22 years and 10 days old on our wedding day, and on June 24, I was exactly twice that age.  I give God thanks for Amy and our kids and that our lives are in his hands.
  • June 25.  As of today, I have been an ordained Presbyterian pastor for 19 years.  I can still feel the gathered community laying hands on me- what a gift the body of Christ was that day and in the days since then.  I give God thanks for the faith communities that have nurtured me and that our lives are in his hands.
  • June 26.  Tomorrow marks the 1 year anniversary since I decided to take better care of my body.  In the last year, I’ve tried to eat better, and according to the app on my phone, happy dog Ginger and I have walked more than 1000 miles around our neighborhood.  I give God thanks my life is in his hands.
Friends, we are never alone, and there is no way we are drifting through this life without meaning and purpose.  God has a plan for us, ordained since before the dawn of time (check out Ephesians 1), and if you open your eyes to it, you can see the traces of his goodness all over you.
In his hands,
 Pastor Daniel