Friends and Family,
On Sunday evening we had a showing of the IndieFlix movie “Angst”.  With a full room of youth, parents, grandparents and professionals we learned about anxiety and how anxiety manifests itself within the lives of young people.  More so, we gained an understanding for those who have anxiety.  We learned that anxiety can be debilitating, meaning it inhibits people from ‘pushing through’ situations that may be awkward or uncomfortable.  We learned how to recognize anxiety, how to be present with someone who is having an attack, and how to listen.  We also learned that anxiety is treatable with the right help.
If you or someone you care about shares they have anxiety or you notice physical symptoms of anxiety (sweating, stomach aches, head aches, pulling away from activities and friends, increased heart rates, shortness of breath, etc.) there is help.  Our panelists, Meghan Uram, school counselor at Orange Grove Elementary and Dr. Howard Kurtzman, therapist and psychiatrist, shared the best way to find a clinician is to ask your pediatrician/physician and word of mouth.  As friends and family, we can listen.  We can be empathetic and supportive.
When Jesus says to Simon Peter, “Do you love me?” and Peter responds, “Yes, Lord, you know I love you.” Jesus tells Peter, “take care of my sheep.”  In times of crisis, listening and being present with people as they struggle with anxiety is a gospel response to caring for Christ’s sheep.
To help further the conversation and learn more, here is a link  to a page of information about anxiety, types of anxiety, ways to manage anxiety, and ways to help be a friend to someone with anxiety.  If you have more questions or want to talk, don’t hesitate to reach out for help.
In loving prayer,
Pastor Lissa