What if I worried about my spiritual batteries as much as I do my cell phone battery?
I’ve been thinking about that question lately- especially when my phone chirps a warning that it needs a recharge. I’m embarrassed to say, but I think I am a slave to the cell phone, so I’m genuinely afraid I’ll run out of juice and suddenly be disconnected. If I drop below 50%, I’m looking for a plug in.
I wish I paid that much attention to my spiritual life.
It’s so easy with a phone, though, isn’t it? An indicator that tells you exactly how much battery life is left takes all the guesswork out of it. It’s different with my spiritual life, though. I’m often drained before I realize what is happening, and the only indicators are being short with the ones around me, the inability to resist temptation, a loss of desire to pray, creeping anxiety – things like that.
Friends, God has designed us to need regular charging. Worship fuels our lives; connection to Jesus strengthens our hearts; service replenishes what has been lost.
Consider the status of your spiritual batteries, and I hope to see you Sunday!
Pastor Daniel