Dear Friends,

When I was in confirmation many moons ago I remember Matt, Jennifer and myself sitting with the pastor every Sunday afternoon for weeks on end listening to him share the list of information we were to know before professing our faith. I remember the three of us looking at each other in silence when he asked questions, shrugging and letting him fill in the awkward space left in the air. I remember sitting on the salmon colored couch in the McDonald Parlor while the pastor introduced us and the session voted on our membership. The whole experience was ‘meh’. Professing our faith was anticlimactic.

Move forward a few 30 years and the church has changed! Instead of confirmation being a time to talk at youth, it is a time to encourage discussion, relationship building, questioning, study and prayer. What a joy it has been to be part of such a journey with this year’s class! WPC youth are deep welled, smart, talented, faithful disciples of Jesus Christ. In addition to meeting since January, they have also spent time with Covenant Partners (elders of the church), written their own Faith Statements (when have you last written yours), and had time for sharing and conversation with our Session. This Sunday they will be received into membership through Profession of Faith during the 11:00 service.

Confirmands being received on Sunday isn’t the only exciting thing happening though. There’s more! Worship will be led by our own WPC youth. This year they have enjoyed working through and celebrating the theme “Come As You Are” during Youth Group. On Sunday, they will share their prayers, the scriptures and their witness to the work of the Holy Spirit. We will also be breaking bread together in celebration of the Lord’s Supper.

I know it seems like a lot, but guess what? It is! It should be! I can’t think of a better way to give thanks for God’s love for us and invitation to be disciples of Jesus than to hear the Word shared through the witness of our young people.

So join us, bring a friend or three, and come as you are. For you are a child of God no matter your age.

With Joy and Anticipation,
Pastor Lissa