Dear church,

What if the water supply in our neighborhood was suddenly cut off? There are people we could call to get it restored, right? The vast majority of us have the ability to hop in the car and run to the store to get bottled water. It is a blessing we often take for granted.

In fact, many people in the world do not have a source of clean water. Some are walking long distances to fetch unclean water. World health organizations tell us there is a global water crisis.
Even in our little part of the world, we can help. This Saturday, the Westminster Water Walkers join thousands of others in Water Mission’s Walk for Water. You can join the team and walk the 3.5 miles with us. You can make an online donation. Do what you can to bring life-giving water to those who need it most. The team will meet up at the church at 8:10 to ride over together.

To find out more about the Walk for Water, go to.

To register for the Walk for Water,

Grace and Peace,