On Saturday, the Elders from Westminster and St. Andrew’s Presbyterian gathered for the SHIFT retreat. We learned about best practices in thriving churches and how healthy churches are making three basic shifts as we move deeper into the 21st century.

• SHIFT 1: From Member Identity to Disciple Identity. Are we interested in getting more members or training people to be disciples?
• SHIFT 2: From Attractional Church to Missional Church. Are we trying to be the best church in town on Sundays or seeking to serve our neighbors in mission all during the week?
• SHIFT 3: From Consumer Church to Sacred Partnering. Are we looking to have our individual needs met or figuring out ways to develop authentic life in the community?

One of the things our presenter, Dr. Dan Holloway, mentioned about Westminster is that we’re already such a vibrant and healthy church, the work we do in these areas is not survivalist or motivated by panic, instead it is the work of a good church seeking to be even more faithful.

We spent time listening, discussing, and praying. God is up to something at Westminster, and it sure is exciting to follow his lead.
Yours in Christ,