Dear WPC Friends and Family,
Last week was a whirlwind of a week with a quick trip to Galveston, Texas for me and a weekend trip to Montreat for Janie.  Both of us had spent the early fall looking through Continuing Education opportunities to see where we wanted to grow and which conferences may not only help us, but offer support for WPC.  I chose to attend APCE (Association for Church Educators) and Janie chose Authentic Parenting conference which has a focus on children and youth.  Both conferences had wonderful opportunities for worship, learning, and some sabbath.
There is another aspect of Continuing Education threaded throughout  our experiences, equally as rich as the classes we took.  Being part of the connectional church of Jesus Christ.  The conversations we held with colleagues in ministry at lunch tables and over a walks from one gathering to the next can be rich! More so the prospects of ways to extend Continuing Education to WPC.  While APCE provides more to “bring home” since the conferences are usually so far away, Authentic Parenting is in Montreat and not as expensive. Janie attended for her Continuing Education and several other women attended to “scout out” what taking a group from WPC could look like.  By having the two perspectives attend the same conference, Janie and the scouts will be joyfully working on a way to take a group next year!
Thank you for Continuing Education funds in the budget and time to go attend these conferences built in our Terms of Call.  Both Janie and I are still processing all we took in and ways to share what we learned.  Our heads and hearts are full.
“Let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance”-Proverbs 1:5
With appreciation,
Pastor Lissa