Most people look for ways to reach their full potential.  Athletes work out and are careful about what they eat.  Businesspeople read books and attend seminars.  Medical professionals study research and follow the latest developments in the pharmaceutical industry.  Everyone has a path for improvement and growth.

What about Christians?  How do we grow in the faith and come to be more like Jesus?

As followers of THE WAY, we know there are no shortcuts or 3-step plans to maturity in faith.  Sustained growth and Christ-like character come over longer periods of time as we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus.  God uses the good things and the hard things in life to shape our hearts, and in the same way he used his Word at the dawn of time to create that which is good, he speaks his Word today to create goodness in our lives.

Over time, our character is changed, our lives transformed, and our souls are satisfied.

Quick fix?  I don’t think so.

Amazing journey?  You bet!

Pastor Daniel