When we enter into a new year, I take down some of our decorations but leave out the twinkle lights, trees if they can safely still be up, and our nativities. The season of Advent leads us to a season of Christmas from December 25 to Epiphany, January 6, so I like to stretch it out as long as possible. Not just because I love the twinkle lights, but because Advent is filled with preparation and concerts and cookie making and cooking and…and…and. Even with the best of intentions the holy spaces of Advent get swept away.
Christmastime is where there is some space to breathe and reflect, helping us to be ready for Epiphany. Then Epiphany brings us stories from Isaiah and Matthew about Christ’s manifestation, light being present for the world and following Christ’s light.
As you read this Enews, I join you in prayers for ways we follow Christ not only in the new year, but in each new day before us. Prayers for the gifts we bring to the foot of the manger. Prayers for the light which overcomes the darkness.
In Christ’s Service,
Pastor Lissa