Mission Partnerships that Reflect the Kingdom. 
    It is like the dew of Mt. Hermon which falls on the mountains of Zion.  Psalm 133:3
          On Sunday, Pastor Philip Beisswenger read parts of Psalm 133, explaining how he and many others in Guatemala see the dew from Mount Hermon in the north as a symbol of the prayers and resources that we in Charleston are able to share with our brothers and sisters in Guatemala. I think you’ll agree that God has used the mission partnership not just to bless Guatemala but to grow our faith as well. We are a stronger church because of mission partnerships.
          It shouldn’t surprise us. Jesus speaks often of the blessing of sharing your gifts, and those who are most generous have discovered true life in the giving.
Together we continue to praise God for his work (check out the video the La Patria School made for us on our Facebook page), and I want to share these ways you can be a part of what God is doing.
1.  Be part of the Westminster mission team to Guatemala July 11-18 (ish), 2019.
2.  Provide a SCHOLARSHIP ($600) or a partial scholarship for a student at La Patria School. (WPC is already providing $12,000!)  Providing a scholarship pairs you with a child with whom you’ll be able to pray for and correspond.
3.  Help stock a new medical clinic at La Patria School. The clinic will be used in pre-med programming and to help students.   Here’s a list ($1753 total) of needed items:
2 exam tables @ 220.00 each
1 medical cart @ 130.00
1 bedside table @ 180.00
2 suture kits @ 30.00 each
2 Stainless steel trays @ 22.00 each
2 Stainless steel basins @15.00 each
3 Stainless steel cups @ 5.00 each
2 clamp holders @ 21.00 each
2 ring clamps @ 14.00 each
1 IV pole @ 42.00
2 Privacy screens @ 192.00 each
1 Blood Sugar kit @ 35.00
1 Scale @ 233.00
1 Examination Lamp @ 90.00
4.  Contribute directly to the mission co-workers Philip and Bacilia Beisswenger. www.theantiochpartners.org/beisswenger/
5.  Pray about giving a year of service as an English teacher at the La Patria School in Coban.  What an adventure, and maybe God’s  calling you!
If you’d like to join in what God is doing, please reach out soon to Pastor Daniel.  dsmoak@wpccharleston.org
With joy in the LORD,
Pastor Daniel