Herod was a violent opponent of the early church.  He sought to destroy the key believers, killing James the brother of John and then throwing Peter into prison.  Herod simply would not stand for anyone who claimed there was another King.  Simply put, he was threatened by anyone who usurped his authority, making him no friend to the King of the Jews or anyone who pledged allegiance to the King of the Jews.  It was bad.  At one point, Herod enacted policies that created such fear, the people shouted he must be a god and not a man.  They did it from fear and self-preservation, but motives did not seem to matter to Herod- he just wanted the glory.

So what comes of Herod?  Luke gives us a great description- two of my favorite verses in the whole Book of Acts:

Immediately an angel of the Lord struck Herod down, because he did not give God the glory, and he was eaten by worms and breathed his last.   But the word of God increased and multiplied. (12:23-24) 

Join us this Sunday for worship at Westminster.  You’ll hear more about the sovereignty of God and the growth of the Kingdom- even in the face of the dark forces that may seem to winning the day.

Pastor Daniel