Prayers and Gratitude

What a joy it has been this week beginning our time as a family with WPC! You can’t go wrong with walking into your new office and having a gorgeous floral arrangement waiting for you on your desk, a staff lunch celebrating first days and anniversaries with other new colleagues, and a host of well wishers stopping by to say hello. I feel welcomed and received. Thank you!

My heart is also filled with prayers for our time together moving forward. Ways we can serve together, learn together, grow together and share life together. I pray for the ability to learn everyone’s names quickly (thank you for the name tags!) and to celebrate how each WPC family member shares their gifts of kingdom work with another. I pray to not rush time, but to rejoice in the joy each day brings.

One way that helps me get to know new people is to learn some fun fact they share with me. I don’t feel I can ask this of each of you without sharing first, so here are some fun facts about me.

I was born in Macon, Ga.
I have three favorite holy places: Montreat, the bridge on Pitt Street in
the Old Village, and a mountain spot at Ghost Ranch.
My favorite movie is Goonies.

Again, thank you for a fabulous welcome and an invitation to share ministry together. We are going to have a wonderful journey.

With joy,
Rev. Lissa Long
Associate Pastor