I’ve been in a reflective mood the past few days, thinking about June 1, 2015. Would you believe that was my first day as the pastor of Westminster? Three years have flown by, and I’m so grateful for the ways the Spirit of the Lord has been active and alive in the church.
Back then when Amy and I told the kids we were moving to a new city and a new church, I remember Andrew asking, “Why? Why are you called to be the pastor of that church?” At the time, I had to honestly say, “I’m not sure.” Together with the PNC, we had discerned God’s calling, and we were willing to go, but I did not know the reason why.
Three years later, I am starting to understand the “why.” Westminster has been such a good match for us- both in the ways I’m able to use my gifts and in the ways you all have wrapped your arms around us. Ministry among you is exciting, joyful, and fun! There is Kingdom work to do, and surely there are challenges along the way, but God is present in every moment and in every relationship.
Friends, there is joy in the journey, and life walking together in the Lord is better than life walking down any other path.

With gratitude and joy,