I was once teaching a class on Presbyterian worship when we came to a discussion about Confession of Sin, Assurance of Pardon, and Response of Praise. “Why is it,” I asked, “When we’ve heard the greatest news of all, we stand and only half-heartedly sing the Gloria Patri? Shouldn’t we be excited? Shouldn’t we sing with all our might? Why does it look like we’re just going through the motions? Where’s the JOY?”

I was pretty fired up, and I thought my [constructive] criticism might spur the group on to a better response in the worship hour that followed. Instead, one older lady, speaking for the group, said “We are joyful; you just can’t tell!”

“We are joyful; you just can’t tell.” Being an introvert myself, I think I understand where she was coming from, but wouldn’t it be ok for us to express that inner joy every now and then? I once heard a pastor say, “Church, if you’re full of joy, then notify your face!”

We Christians have so much for which to be joyful, and we have an endless supply of joy to share.

Don’t hold it in!

Yours with JOY,