Christ is alive! The good news is spreading.

In the gospel lesson this week, we’re going to encounter disciples who were not so sure about the news they had been hearing. They were walking along the road to Emmaus together, and while they had heard the reports of a resurrection, they did not yet know what to believe.

Maybe that’s where you are. You’ve heard the reports of a resurrection, but not having seen for yourself, you’re not sure what to think. If the resurrection is true, then it is the biggest thing to ever happen; if it is not true, then the foundation of a whole religion is based on a lie. What then?

I’m glad Luke includes the story of the unsure disciples- it gives us space for our doubts and fears. In one sense, we’re all walking along the road to Emmaus trying to figure out the news we’ve heard about Jesus. In the case of these two, it took meeting Jesus for themselves to move from doubt and fear to belief.

This Sunday, we’ll gather again for worship and The Lord’s Supper. Our intent is to praise the Lord who has conquered death and to meet him again- to see for ourselves that the news is true.

See you Sunday,