In a world that assigns ultimate value to productivity and effectiveness, how do we come to understand our worth in the eyes of God? Many of us chase the fleeting approval of friends, parents, co-workers, or even ourselves. Is there a place we can turn where we don’t have to perform in order to be loved? Is there a place we are loved for who we are? Is there someone who takes delight in us because we are, well, ourselves?

At the cross, we see the depth of God’s love for us- the steps he took to demonstrate our value and worth. And here’s the truth- not a single one of us did anything to deserve the sacrifice made for us; it was made out of pure love. We are worthy because the cross says we are.

Take a few moments today and meditate on that truth, reflected in this great hymn by Keith and Kristyn Getty.

My worth is not in what I own/ Not in the strength of flesh and bone
But in the costly wounds of love/ At the cross

My worth is not in skill or name/ In win or lose, in pride or shame
But in the blood of Christ that flowed / At the cross

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