“The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” John 1:14
The timing for the trip to Bethlehem was inconvenient, but it was government mandated.  The best accommodations for his birth were sub-standard, even for the first century.  Not long after he was born, his mother and father were forced to flee the country because of a ruthless ruler who wanted him dead.
God could have pulled some strings and made things better or easier or safer, but he did not.  He specifically chose to send his Son into the chaos of a broken and sinful world.
It’s the Gospel- that into the mess of your life, Jesus comes.  Nothing needs to be cleaned up before he can dwell with you; in fact he may prefer to come when things are not tidy.  He was born into chaos; his life was marked, from the beginning, by suffering.
Why do we ever believe the lie that he will not visit us in our chaos, grief, or trouble?
Prepare the way.  He’s coming.