A friend (a trained counselor, actually) shared with me three ways he deals with anxiety.
1. He memorized and prays some verses from the Psalms.  God gave us those prayers to bring us back to him.  He knew there would be times when we need to pray, “The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?”  Keeping those psalms in your heart (or on a nearby notecard) is a way to remind yourself that the Lord is near.
2.  Self-deprecating humor.  For example, when I’m worried about something at church, I’ll pick on myself: “Daniel, do you think God can’t handle this situation?  Do you think you’re more important than He is?  Gee whiz, dummy!  Remember that God is in charge!”
3.  Seek out life-giving community.  God places people in our lives to talk us down from the trees we climb into.  We can’t do it alone!  Who are the people in your life that give you a sense of peace?  Find ways to be with them more.
As we turn the corner toward the Christmas season, maybe you anticipate a increase in your level of stress.  Do you have a plan for maintaining peace?
Pastor Daniel