From Your Pastor (In Guatemala)
Before the mission team left Coban, we had the chance to tour a coffee farm and sample some of the area’s best coffee.  When I took the first sip, I thought, “Now this is the real stuff!  This coffee will keep me up tonight!”
That strong coffee got me thinking about our expereinces this week in Guatemala.  The team has had a joy-filled week, but we’ve also had the kind of week that will keep me up at night.  Making visits in homes made of pallets and cardboard; praying in a dirt-floor home with a woman who has 5 boys and an alchoholic husband; encountering a woman who does not have the ability to go to Guatemala City for a surgery that may save her life; sharing fellowship with pastors and church leaders who sacrifice so much- leaving jobs and family for 5 weeks a year for training in Coban (a new training center was our main construction project this week); meeting and praying with students, teachers, and administration at the presbyterian school that is in danger of closing because the facilities they rent are deterioratiing; meeting a woman who walks more than 4 miles with her children to come to church.  She did it Sunday in the rain.
Those are just a few of the experiences that i can’t get out of my head, and I know they’ll keep me up at night.  They’ll keep me up at night because when i take the words of Jesus seriously- to love my neighbor, give generously from what God has given me, and care for the most vulnerable in the world, I have to wrestle with my response to what I’ve seen.  I can no longer pass by on the other side of the road.  I can no longer sleep easy.
Yours in Christ,