As the WPC Mission team leaves for Guatemala this week, I want to share a picture with you to guide your prayers.  It is of a church building, several hours north of Coban in the Q’eqchi region.  I visited it and met the pastor when I was in Guatemala last year.  He and many other pastors in the area leave their employment and families to come to Coban 5 weeks every year for leadership training.  The training, coordinated by the Presbyterian Church in Guatemala and headquartered at the Antioch Church, is a vital part of the growth of the church in Guatemala.  In fact, when we met with the denominational leaders and asked where the Lord was moving, they named the leadership training program as a clear place they see God at work.

While we are in Coban, we’ll be working on the construction of a much needed facility for the training of the church leaders.  Our partnership will be part of the work God is already doing in Guatemala, and I invite you to pray for the team and churches like this one, who are working for the advancement of the Gospel in the area.

We thank you for your support and look forward to sharing our experiences with you when we return.


Yours in Christ,

Pastor Daniel