Last night, I had the privilege of meeting with newly elected Deacons and Elders for the first session of new officer training.  Of the many things we could have covered in the first session, I decided on two main topics:

  1.  First, JOY is a regular part of the Christian life, and it’s OK for leaders to have joy about serving the Lord!  I knew a pastor who would regularly tell his congregation, “If you have joy in your heart, then notify your face!”  Joy is contagious, and serving the Lord in the calling he’s placed on your life should be life-giving, not life-draining.  What if we, as leaders, make a commitment to joy?
  2.  Second, it’s OK to talk about Jesus.  That may sound like an obvious statement to make in the church, but what happens when leaders in the church talk about everything under the sun except Jesus?  It is so easy to get busy in the good work of the church and leave Jesus out on the sidewalk.  But, if leaders are ready to speak freely about the difference Jesus has made in their lives, they will make a tremendous difference in the church.

I loved overhearing the joy in the room as the newly elected leaders shared their stories of Jesus with each other.

There is joy in the Lord!

Pastor Daniel