Did you know Westminster has two baptismal fonts?  There’s the one in use that sits down at the front of the sanctuary and a second one, pictured here, that is in the narthex.

This second one dates back to the days when Westminster was down on the peninsula, and several of our members were baptized with water from that font.  It is shaped like an acorn- appropriately because baptism is the beginning of a journey of growth toward maturity in Christ.

This Sunday, we’ll use the acorn font for the baptism of two young children just starting out, we’ll participate in the service of Confirmation for students who are taking a step forward in faith, and we’ll be led in worship by students (it’s Youth Sunday) by students who are growing toward maturity in the faith.

All of us are somewhere on the journey- from being new to the faith to being more firmly established and deeply rooted.  Wherever you are, God calls you to take steps forward.  Growth in discipleship is the norm of the Christian life.  Are you growing?

Pastor Daniel